Virtual Murder
What's on the Internet for mystery buffs?
The goal of this page is to maintain a listing of online mystery-related sources without including subpages, to avoid sending you to the same site over and over again. The list was originally compiled for the Virtual Murder panel at Bouchercon 27, October 1996, and has more than quadrupled since then.

Some authors and fictional characters have numerous web pages -- John Grisham, Stephen King, Sherlock Holmes, etc.  In those cases the single site listed contains links to the others.

Please send any additions or corrections to Barbara Paul.

Last updated 1 March 2008.



Some of these pages are maintained by the writers themselves while others are unofficial pages created by fans; a few were put up by publishers.

Abresch, Peter
Adler, Warren
Albert, Susan Wittig
Allingham, Margery
Ayres, E. C.
Babson, Marian
Board, Sherri L.
Barer, Burl
Barnes, Linda
Barrett, Dean
Bartholomew, Nancy
Beechy, Alan
Belton, Chris
Bishop, Paul
Block, Lawrence
Boucher, Anthony
Bowen, Rhys
Brown, Dan
Braun, Lilian Jackson
Brown, Molly
Brown, Rita Mae
Burke, James Lee
Burke, Jan
Burnett, W. R.
Cameron, Bill
Campbell, Harlan
Carr, John Dickson
Chandler, Raymond
Chesterton, G. K.
Chittenden, Meg
Christie, Agatha
Christmas, Joyce
Clark, Katharine
Clark, Mary Higgins
Colbert, James
Coleman, Evelyn
Collins, Wilkie
Connelly, Michael
Connor, Beverly
Cornwell, Patricia
Crais, Robert
Crews, Lary
Crispin, Edmund
Crombie, Deborah
Daheim, Mary
D'Amato, Barbara
Davidson, Diane Mott
Davies, Linda
Davis, Carol Anne
Davis, Lindsey
Dawson, Janet
Deighton, Len
DeLoach, Nora
De Noux, O'Neil
Derleth, August
Dibdin, Michael
Douglas, Carole Nelson
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Duncan, Lois
Dunnett, Dorothy
Edghill, Rosemary
Ehrman, Kit
Elkjer, Thom
Estleman, Loren D.
Faust, Joe
Finkelstein, Jay
Flander, Scott
Fleming, Ian
Flora, Kate
Follett, Ken
Francis, Dick
Friedman, Kinky
Froetschel, Susan
Furlong, Nicola
Furutani, Dale
Gallison, Kate
Gardner, Erle Stanley
George, Elizabeth
Gilboy, Peter
Girdner, Jacqueline
Godfrey, Ellen
Grafton, Sue
Grant, Anne Underwood
Grant, Linda
Grape, Jan
Grilley, Kate
Grimes, Martha
Grimes, Terry McManis
Grisham, John
Hager, Jean
Hall, Adam
Hall, Parnell
Haller, Bob
Ham, Lorie
Hammett, Dashiell
Harper, Andrew
Harrington, Kent
Harrington, Patricia
Harris, Charlaine
Harry, Eric L.
Hart, Carolyn
Harvey, John
Hayter, Sparkle
Heffernan, William
Hiaasen, Carl
Highland, Frederick
Highsmith, Patricia
Hill, John Spencer
Hill, Reginald
Holtzer, Susan
Hornung, E. W.
Hovey, Joan Hall
Howard, Gil
Hunter, Fred
Isenberg, Jane
Isleib, Roberta
Jacobs, Jonnie
James, P. D.
James, Russell
Kaminsky, Stuart
Keegan, Alex
Keeler, Harry Stephen
Keeley, Wayne J.
Kellerman, Jonathan
Kellogg, Marne Davis
Kelner, Toni
Kennett, Shirley
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice
King, Laurie R.
King, Stephen
Kong, Debra Purdy
Koontz, Dean
Krich, Rochelle
Kurtz, Sylvie
Lance, Peter
Lanier, Virginia
Lawrence, Martha
Lee, Wendi
Leonard, Elmore
Levinson, Robert S.
Levin-Smith, Judith
Luber, Phillip
Ludlum, Robert
MacDonald, John D.
Macdonald, Ross
Manthorne, Jackie
Marks, Jeffrey
Matera, Lia
Matthews, Francine
Mayer, Eric
Mayor, Archer
Meadows, Lee E.
Meltzer, Brad
Meyers, Annette & Martin
McBain, Ed
Meredith, Marilyn
Michaels, Melisa C.
Mitchell, Mary Ann
Montanari, Danila Comastri
Moore, Christopher G.
Mortimer, John
Mosiman, Billie Sue
Mosley, Walter
Murphy, Warren
Newman, Sharan
Norman, James
O'Callaghan, Maxine
O'Kane, Leslie
O'Shaughnessy, Perri
Paretsky, Sara
Parker, Robert B.
Parker, T. Jefferson
Paul, Barbara
Peak, John
Pearson, Ridley
Perry, Anne
Peters, Elizabeth/
   Michaels, Barbara
Poe, Edgar Allan
Prowell, Sandra West
Queen, Ellery
Quinn, Elizabeth
Raphael, Lev
Reed, Mary
Riordan, Rick
Roberts, Lora
Robinson, Lynda S.
Rosemoor, Patricia
Rosenberg, Robert
Ross, Katherine
Sanders, John
Sandford, John
Sayers, Dorothy L.
Saylor, Steven
Schumacher, Aileen
Scoppettone, Sandra
Silva, Linda Kay
Skillman, Trish Macdonald
Slesar, Henry
Smith, Barbara Burnett
Smith, Sarah
Snyder, Keith
Soos, Troy
Sorrells, Walter
Spencer, Sally
Spillane, Mickey
Stabenow, Dana
Stark, Richard
Steinberg, Janice
Stevens, Serita
Stone, Eric
Stout, Rex
Taylor, Kathleen
Thomas, Natalie Buske
Thompson, Jim
Thrasher, L. L.
Thurlo, Aimee and David
Tishy, Cecilia
Title, Elise
Townsend, Lindsay
Vachss, Andrew
van Gulik, Robert
Van Dine, S. S.
Walker, David J.
Walpow, Nathan
Warner, Penny
Wesley, Valerie Wilson
West, Alec
West, Chassie L.
Wheat, Carolyn
Whitney, Polly
Wilcox, Valerie
Willard, Fred
Wings, Mary
Womack, Stephen
Woods, Paula L.
Woods, Stuart
Woolrich, Cornell
White, Stephen
Wyle, Dirk


Avengers, The
Belden, Trixie
Bolan, Mack
Bond, James
Cadfael, Brother
Callan, David
Campion, Albert
Chan, Charlie
Creek, Jonathan
Crime Traveller
Dalziel and Pascoe
Danger Man/Secret Agent
Dowling, Father
Drew, Nancy
Equalizer, The
Falco, Marcus Didius
Family Law
Fu Manchu
Hammer, Mike
Hart, Jonathan and Jennifer
Hawaii Five-0
Holland, Curt
Holmes, Sherlock
Homicide--Life on the Streets
Jones, Barnaby
Law and Order
Macbeth, Hamish
Magnum, P.I.
Maigret, Inspector
Man from U.N.C.L.E
Marple, Jane
Mason, Perry
Morse, Inspector Murder One
New Avengers, The
NYPD: Blue
Peabody, Amelia
Poirot, Hercule
Practice, The
Pretender, The
Prime Suspect
Prisoner, The
Professionals, The
Robicheaux, Dave
Rockford, Jim
Rumpole, Horace
Saint, The
Sopranos, The
Steele, Remington
Teagarden, Aurora
Urquhart, Francis
Wainthropp, Hetty
Walker, Amos
Wolfe, Nero
X-Files, The


Adventures in Crime and Space
Big Sleep Books
Black Bird Mysteries
Black Orchid
Booked for Murder
Book 'em Mysteries
Capital Crimes & Coffee
Chronicles Bookshop
Clues Unlimited
Coffee, Tea & Mystery
A Compleat Mystery Bookshop
Crime in Store
Dead Write
Deadly Passions
Future Fantasy
Gaslight Books
Grave Matters
Grim Reader
Hidden Staircase
Janus Books
Keene, Diana--Bookseller
Kovach, Christine--Bookseller
Malice Books
McNeil Books
"M" is for Mystery
Mike's Evil Deeds
Murder by the Book
Murder by the Book
Murder by the Book
   (Portland, OR)
Murder by the Book
   (Cranston, RI)
Murder Ink®
Murder Is Served
Murder, Mystery & Mayhem
Murder One
Murder on Miami Beach
My Book House
Mysteries and More
Mysteries To Die For
Mysterious Bookshop
Mysterious Bookshop West
Mysterious Galaxy
Mystery Annex
   (Washington, D.C.)
Mystery Books
   (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Mystery Book Store
Mystery Ink Bookshop
Mystery Lovers Bookshop
Mystery One Bookstore
1 Mystery Street
Pandora's Books
Partners & Crime
Poisoned Pen
Poitras, David--Bookseller
Prime Crime
San Francisco Mystery Bookstore
Seattle Mystery Bookshop
Science Fiction, Mysteries, & More
Shot in the Dark
Something Wicked
Snoop Sisters
Space-Crime Continuum
Spenser's Mystery Books
Strange Birds Books
Tangled Web Bookshop


ABE Books
Acorn Books
All-Electric Paperbacks
Amazon Books
American Book Center
Bargain Book Warehouse
Barnes & Noble
Bent Cover
Book Cellar Cafe
Blackwell's Books
Book Passage
Book Stacks
Books 2 Buy
Bonder Bookstores
Cody's Books
Coyote Book Shop
Dunn & Powell Books
Geiger's Books Gibbsboro Book Barn
Internet Book Shop
Len Unger
The Library
The Literate Traveller
Norris Books
Old Books on the Strait
Powell's Books
Quill & Brush
RAC Books
Tattered Cover
Taugher Books
Virtual Bookshop
Wrigley-Cross Books
Zardoz Books


Avon Books
Crippen & Landru
Dennis McMillan Publications
The Do-Not Press
Intrigue Press
John Brown Books
Random House/Knopf/
Simon & Schuster/Scribner/
     Pocket Books
Write Way


  • A&E TV Mysteries -- Brief commentary about current series.
  • Academic Mysteries -- Bibliographical augmentation of Kramer & Kramer's College Mystery Novels (1983).
  • African American Mystery Page -- Bibliographies, excerpts, resources on African American mystery fiction.
  • AIEP -- International Mystery Writers Association, Italian section; in Italian.
  • Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine -- One complete story from current issue, Unsolved Puzzle, message board, subscription info.
  • Anello giallo -- "Yellow ring"; Italian mystery webring.
  • Archives of Detective Fiction -- The Mercantile Library of New York's biographies and bibliographies of writers, title histories, bibliography of mystery history and criticism, glossary, links, and other sources.
  • Armchair Detective -- Companion page for the print magazine.
  • Arsenic and Oolong Society -- Newsletter articles and reviews from Indiana-based club for mystery lovers.
  • Best of Web Radio -- Broadcasts old-time radio shows such as Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Dragnet. Tapes, posters, etc. for sale.
  • Bibliomysteries -- Thorough coverage of mysteries in which the selling or collecting of books plays a prominent part; includes a section on "Library Staff as Victims".
  • Blue Murder -- Online mystery magazine, small annual fee; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • BookBrowser: Detective/Mystery Series -- Extensive cross-referenced reviews and bibliographies.
  • The Busted Flush -- Personal commentary on English mysteries and American hardboileds.
  • Cafe Underground -- A mixture of various interests, one of which is crime writing.
  • Casebook: Jack the Ripper -- Impressive collection of official documents, police reports, photos, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Class, Gender and Genre in British Detective Fiction between the Wars -- Materials toward a Ph.D. dissertation, plus a Master's thesis on Wilkie Collins.
  • Classic Mystery and Detectiion -- Michael Grost's ambitious study of pre-1960 mysteries; excellent source of information.
  • ClueLass -- The best source of mystery news on the Net; new publications, signings, publishing news, links, conventions, much more.
  • CyberSpace Spinner -- Magazine and anthology indices, author bibliographies, pseudonyms, directory of fictional characters.
  • Deadly Serious -- -- The Deadly Directory listings of mystery-related organizations, conventions, newsletters, etc.; now maintained by ClueLass.
  • Deadly Pleasures -- Book info and sample articles from the print magazine.
  • Detective -- Addresses/links for British agents and publishers; also fan clubs and resources.
  • The Detective and the Toga -- Formerly The Sword and the Sleuth; exhaustive annotated listing of mysteries set in ancient Rome.
  • Detective, Mystery, and Suspense Fiction -- Guidelines to research materials available at the New York Public Library; geared to library users, but some bibliographical material available online.
  • DigiCrime, Inc. -- "A full service criminal computer hacking organization"; a make-believe resource page that spoofs everything in sight.
  • Ed's Internet Book Review: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense -- Commentary by volunteer reviewers.
  • Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine -- Story excerpts from current issue, trivia contest, message board, mystery crossword, subscription info.
  • Female Detective -- Extensive web site devoted to mystery fiction featuring female investigators. News, author bios, reviews, lots of info.
  • Femmes Fatales -- Newsletter featuring eight women writers.
  • Femmes Fatales Mystery Gifts -- Online catalog of novelties and gifts.
  • Genre Fiction: Mystery & Suspense -- Links grouped by authors, collections, discussion groups, and general resources.
  • Genreflecting -- Book promo and reviews.
  • Gila Queen's Guide to Markets -- Kathryn Ptacek's print publication; one issue per year devoted to mystery and suspense markets.
  • Gothic Journal -- News and reviews of romantic suspense from the print magazine.
  • Grobius Shortling's Mystery Novel Guide -- Annotated reading lists, locked room, race track mysteries, etc.
  • Gumshoe Site -- Frequently updated newsletter; photos of authors.
  • Hard Boiled -- Articles and references "for all things noir."
  • Hardboiled Heaven -- Annotated checklists and links.
  • Hard-boiled Maryland: Hammett, Cain, Gresham, Pelecanos -- Description of University of Maryland collection.
  • Historical Mystery Appreciation Society -- Sample articles, reviews, and special features from the print magazine.
  • Historical Mystery Bibliography -- Categorized by time and place; no longer updated.
  • Historical Mystery Fiction -- Extensive bibliographies grouped by era and by author.
  • Alfred Hitchcock -- Detail-filled tribute to the director.
  • Home Pages Created by Members of DorothyL -- URLs and e-mail addresses.
  • The Humorous Mystery Page -- Just what it says, a page devoted to humor in mystery.
  • I Love a Mystery Newsletter -- Reviews...lots and lots of reviews.
  • Internet Crimewriting Network -- Fee charged for access to conferences, marketing tips, resources, scriptwriting courses.
  • Invitation to a Funeral Tour -- Part book promo, part tour of Restoration London.
  • Joe's Detective Page -- Reviews of mystery web sites, reading lists, games, author profiles.
  • Last Laughs: Humor in Crime Fiction -- Annotated bibliography; includes about a dozen writers.
  • Legal Thrillers Book Reviews -- Reviews culled from various sources.
  • Magnifying Glass -- Schedule of events, sample articles from the print magazine.
  • Mayhem -- Reviews, interviews, feature articles, biographical information.
  • Meritorious Mysteries -- Review newsletter distributed free to booksellers and libraries.
  • Miss Lemon -- DorothyL archives.
  • Miss Marple's Mystery Magazine -- Articles and reviews, nicely balanced between classic and contemporary.
  • Murder and Mayhem -- Three chapters of a novel in progress plus a few links.
  • Murder at the Flatiron Building -- St. Martin's Press mystery newsletter.
  • Murder Must Advertise -- Female mystery writers; reviews and links.
  • Murder Mystery Link Page -- Nine links plus an unreliable search engine.
  • Murder on the Internet -- Random House/Ballantine mystery newsletter.
  • Murder They Wrote -- Personal page with links to aids for unpublished mystery writers.
  • Mysteries in Print -- Bogie's categorized listing of current books with descriptions; trivia quiz.
  • Mysterious Home Page -- Huge site of articles and links covering every aspect of the mystery field.
  • Mysterious Strands -- Up-to-date, well-organized annotated list of links.
  • Mysterious Women -- Promo for quarterly print newsletter.
  • Mystery! -- WGBH site for the television series.
  • Mystery and Detective Fiction Sites -- Some links.
  • Mystery Buff -- New print magazine; news, contests.
  • -- Competition to solve a mystery; small fee, cash prize.
  • Mystery Connection -- Gateway to The Magnifying Glass, Over My Dead Body, and Deadly Pleasures.
  • MysteryGuide -- Formerly Troutworks; features, interviews, and over 600 reviews.
  • Mystery Lovers -- A few annotated links.
  • Mystery Magazine Index: 1980-1997 -- Indices for AHMM, EQMM, and other mystery magazines; continues from where Cook's Monthly Murders (1982) left off.
  • Mystery News -- Excerpts from reviews; conventions, awards, links to authors interviewed in the print magazine.
  • Mystery Place -- Live chat, original work, reviews, storyboards, 3-minute mysteries.
  • Mystery Reader -- Author-submitted addresses, news, freebies, and signing schedules; reviews.
  • Mystery Reader's Corner: The Softer Side of Murder -- Commentary, reading lists, some original fiction.
  • Mystery Readers Journal -- Official publication of Mystery Readers International; sample articles and reviews.
  • Mystery Scene Magazine -- Online site of the news magazine in the mystery field. Features, interviews, etc.
  • Mystery Women Authors -- Summaries of work by women, categorized by author, subgenre, etc. Ambitious site still building.
  • Mystery Writers' Forum -- Threaded bulletin board for writers and aspiring writers.
  • Mystery Zone -- Online magazine with articles, fiction, reviews; no longer updated.
  • New Mystery -- Articles and fiction from the print magazine.
  • Noir Fiction: Dark Crimes -- Brief discussions of selected practitioners of noir.
  • Northwest Crime Scene -- Features authors and events of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Orient Express Mystery Society -- Little Rock reading group; reviews.
  • Over My Dead Body! -- Nicely designed online magazine with author profiles, fiction, interviews, reviews, and an easily accessed chat room.
  • Overbooked: Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Crime Fiction -- Central Virginia Community's extensive annotated list of links.
  • Penny Dreadfuls -- Brief history of the term and the subgenre; some great old covers.
  • Pulp Page -- Attractive site devoted to the pulp magazines of the 20s - 40s; articles, bibliographies, timeline.
  • Rara Avis -- Home page of mailing list devoted to hardboiled fiction.
  • Resources for Mystery Writers -- Some annotated links.
  • Robbie Emily Dunn Collection of American Detective Fiction -- History and contents of collection housed at UNC Greensboro.
  • Roscoe Page -- A wide variety of interests; includes Left Coast information.
  • Secret Agent's Homepage -- Homage to great spies, both factual and fictional; a fun site.
  • Sleuthing Sisters and Dangerous Dames: Women Detectives in Fiction -- Downloadable essays from the Smithsonian Institute.
  • 13th Floor -- Biographies and schedules for the PBS Mystery! series.
  • Thrilling Detective -- Homage to tough detectives, with extensive bibliographies; set up like a pulp magazine.
  • Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang -- Compiled by William Denton.
  • Ultimate Mystery/Detective Web Guide -- Nearly 2000 links, truly the "ultimate" guide.
  • Uncle Erle's Mystery Club -- Fan club for Erle Stanley Gardner, with a newsletter called Perry's Briefcase.
  • Under the Covers: Mystery and Suspense/Thrillers -- Reviews of current books.
  • Unloved Crimes -- Real unsolved mysteries, with crime scene photos, evidence, and witness statements.
  • Unsolved Mysteries -- CBS page for the TV series.
  • Virtual Writing Workshop -- 3- and 12-week courses in mystery writing; fee charged.
  • WebDreamer -- Sample fiction from the print magazine.
  • Web Mystery Magazine -- Brief reviews; emphasis is upon articles and columns (crime scene investigation, doing historical research, etc.).
  • Weborgers 2 -- Commentary on hardboiled novels, authors, film noir.
  • Without a Clue -- Interviews, fiction, articles; subpage of Electronic Writers Group.
  • Women in Mystery Fiction -- Short list from the Harold Washington Library Center.
  • Women of Mystery -- Two short lists from the Westerville Public Library.
  • Word Museum: Mystery -- Writing manuals for sale, an online mystery party (fee), review contest (fee), publishers' guidelines.


    American Crime Writers
    Crime Writers of Canada
    Crime Writers of Scandinavia
    Mystery Writers of America
    Mystery Writers of America
         NorCal Chapter
    The Police Writer
    Short Mystery Fiction Society
    Sisters in Crime
    Sisters in Crime Internet
    Writers Guild of America


    Bloody Words
    Book Passage
    Bouchercon 2006 (Madison)
    Bouchercon 2007 (Anchorage)
    Bouchercon 2008 (Baltimore)
    Cape Fear Crime Festival
    Deadly Ink
    Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave
    Harriette Austin Writers Conference
    Left Coast Crime
    Magna cum Murder
    Malice Domestic
    Of Dark and Stormy Nights
    Mayhem in the Midlands
    Murder in the Grove
    Murder in the Magic City
    Sleuth Fest


    Actual Reality
    Amnesia: Interactive Novel
    The Case
    Case Closed
    Crime Scene
    Crime Scene Evidence
    Homicide: The Game
    The Luminous Dome
    Missing in Santa Fe
    Mystery Corner
    Murder Mysteries
    Mystery On-Line
    SFPD Homicide
    Stickman Murder Mystery
    Suspicion of Murder
    3D Murder Mystery


  • Ace Murder Mystery Games -- Three boxed games for 8-10 participants in costume playing familiar real or fictional characters; well-suited for dinner parties.
  • Bogie's Mystery Tours® -- Theme parties, mystery weekends, cruises, etc.; based in NYC.
  • Dinner and a Murder Mystery -- Downloadable games for 10-30 people playing assigned characters; unscripted except for intro and solution.
  • Dimond Productions -- South Florida; actions of comedy-mysteries performed in midst of audience; guests can be characters in the story. Ranges from small house parties to corporate events.
  • Eddie May's Mysteries -- Comedy-mystery dinner theater; franchise, N.A.
  • Freeform Games -- Two mystery games, one for small and one for medium-sized groups. Order online from Leeds, UK.
  • Freeform Murder Mystery Games -- Downloadable unscripted interactive games, some with period settings, for coordinator and up to 33 players. Money-back guarantee.
  • Killing Kompany -- Murder mystery dinner theater group based in NYC.
  • Murder Inkorporated -- Stages mystery parties in the western provinces of Canada and the northwestern US; provides customized packages for other locales.
  • Murder Mystery Games -- Downloadable mystery party games in PDF format; games for as few as 6 players or for as many as 200.
  • Murder Mystery Mixer -- Interactive unscripted role-playing games allowing leeway for amount of participation; minimal props. Available through email or on CD ROM.
  • Murder Mystery Parties To Go -- Customized party packages.
  • Murder Mystery Weekend -- Stages private and corporate mystery parties in restaurants, on trains, in hotels; site contains an online game; based in Los Angeles.
  • Murder on the Menu -- Interactive mystery events for 5 to 500 people, customized to fit event (party, meeting, etc.); professional actors, directors, audio/visual techs. Anywhere in the world.
  • Mystery's Most Wanted -- Interactive dinner theater, emphasis on comedy; based in Pittsburgh.
  • NorthWest Murder Mysteries -- Seattle and Puget Sound area; performs comedy mystery dinner theater at private parties and public shows. Fee for the latter includes dinner; prize for solving the mystery.
  • Random Acts -- Indiana, Michigan, Ohio; interactive musical murder mystery parties. Participants play roles or join in singalongs. One day or full weekend.
  • Run Your Own Murder Mystery Games -- Downloadable party games; Acrobat Reader needed. Seven games available.
  • Spotlight on Murder -- Alaska-based dinner theater group; site contains brief interactive mysteries.
  • Suspense and Nonsense -- a dinner-theater division of Interact Productions, a large operation specializing in comedy-mysteries; based in Kalamazoo but will travel out of state. Performers mingle with dinner guests to answer questions, etc. Large selection of scripts, tailored to fit the occasion. Prices quoted upon request.
  • Tailor-Made Murders -- Mystery party packages available via mail or download.
  • Terry Shane Murder Mysteries -- Calgary-based troupe performs on trains, in restaurants, at conventions, etc. Guests question players and look for clues. For groups from 10 to 300.
  • Wayne Russell Murder Mysteries -- Based in Derbyshire, UK. Games run 3½ to 4 hours; guests interact with performers. Minimum of 75 guests.


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