Jack Be Quick
and Other Crime Stories

Five Star
ISBN 0-7862-1919-X

A collection of nine stories, two of them novellas. Five Star is a relatively new publishing venture thought up by Ed Gorman and Tekno Books. At the moment they're concentrating exclusively on single-author collections of mystery short stories.

Notes on all these stories can be found on the mystery short stories page. Included in the collection are:

  • "Okay, Diogenes, You Can Stop Looking -- We Found Him"
  • "Scat"
  • "French Asparagus"
  • "The Favor"
  • "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Corpse"
  • "Stet"
  • "Ho Ho Ho"
  • "Play Nice"
  • "Jack Be Quick"


Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine:
"Nine tales by the versatile Paul are marked by humor and originality. Especially noteworthy are two historicals: the title story, a feminist take on the Jack the Ripper mystery; and "Portrait of the Artist As a Young Corpse"...In "Play Nice", Paul combines her mystery and science fiction specialties entertainingly."

Drood Review:
"My favorite? It's hard to choose, but I'll opt for "The Favor", a kindly tale in which a wordless meeting between two men on a bridge has lifelong consequences. Thanks be for Five Star Press; these stories are wonderful."

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